JSP Working Environment Setup

For setting up of environment we need the below which are essential:

JDK and JRE:

To start with you need a JDK (Java Development Kit) and a JRE (Java RunTime Edition) installed which can be downloaded from the below oracle website.

JDK Download

A standard Platform (Eclipse):

We can start practising in the eclipse, which is most widely used platform used for JAVA and JSPs.

This can be downloaded from the below eclipse.org website and we can choose for the Eclipse IDE for JAVA EE Developers.

Eclipse Download

An application Server (Tomcat):

And finally we need an application server to run our applications. And here we can use the Tomcat, which is a Web server used for running web based applications. This can be downloaded from Google from the below website.

Tomcat Download
And after you installed the Tomcat, you will be able to see “Monitor Tomcat” from the Start Button. And in order to run the Tomcat, please right click and “Run as administrator” as below.
Monitor Tomcat
After clicking “Run as administrator” we will get the below screen wherein please click “Start” button to run the Apache Tomcat.
Start Tomcat
After the Tomcat is running then we can try using running the application in our local system by using the below link (localhost:8080) in our web browser which shows the below standard default Tomcat page.
After we have setup all the necessary items for practising we can start with eclipse and start with work bench as below.
Main Screen EE
After going to work bench we will finish this with one last configuration of setting up server for our eclipse from the below screen. Please click new server wizard button.
Server Config
Upon clicking the above, please select Apache Tomcat (7.0 or 8.0) server which you have selected. And then click Next.
New Server
And then in the specification of directory, please select “Browse” and choose the file where you have installed them. I have done it in the Program files  Apache Software Foundation  Tomcat 7.0 and then click OK.
Server Config
After installation of Tomcat in the Eclipse, you can be able to start and stop the server. And hence in order to get started let;’ start the Tomcat server.
Server Start
And while starting if you are getting any errors like “Several ports (8080, 8009) are already in use”as below, then please Open Tomcat as “Run as administrator” as above from the Start and stop the services and then try again.
Then we will be completing all the setup related to JSPs which gives us a Green Signal to start our learning in Serves Pages.

Posted on July 19, 2014 in Java Server Pages

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